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A love letter to Rachel Rodgers

Dernière mise à jour : 13 oct. 2020

But first thing first... An introduction is mandatory because I realize that everyone may not know THE Rachel Rodgers.

She is an African-American intellectual property lawyer and a business coach. She is the creator of the Hello Seven Podcast and the writer of "We Should all be millionnaires". Oh, and she is also the mother of 4 children.

I had been following her for a few months but when in a beautiful synchronicity, my podcast guest, French life coach Clotilde Dusoulier mentioned Rachel Rodgers as a woman who inspired her, I knew I had to write about her.

The first time I heard Rachel Rodgers talk about money, I must admit I was a little shocked and slightly embarrassed. I am after all of French culture. So, for me, money is not something to be discussed so openly. Especially the way Rachel Rodgers sees things.

She boldly opens her podcast trailer with :

I believe every woman should want to be a millionnaire. If you agree with me, this show is for you.

My initial reaction to it was "oh wow... No I don't... I want to help people and have a purpose and make an impact on society. Money is evil, blah blah blah..." You get the idea.

But still, I kept listening because she said :

If you strongly disagree with me, this show is definitely for you.

And sure enough, as I kept listening, I became convinced by her message, which is that money does help if one wants to make an impact on the world, build a better life for themselves and their children, or be free to make their own choices.

I found it impossible to disagree with her vision of money as a tool for women's liberation.

What convinced me even more is the fact she is the living proof of what she claims, she shows that it's possible to be a successful business woman and a dedicated mother. And well... that does speak to my heart.

But her view about money is not the reason why I love Rachel Rodgers so much.

I love that while her major focus is empowering women of color, she works with people of all background and ethnicity. And I LOVE the fact that she is the exact same person with each and everyone of them.

I also love the way she's real about her image. Sometimes, she will appear all groomed, with an amazing makeup and hairdo for a glamorous photoshop. And sometimes, she will post pictures of herself after a run, with zero makeup and literally claim that she's sweaty. That's not something that's often seen in the perfect Instagram world. And it is so damn refreshing and inspiring.

And finally, I love that she gives me permission to be wholeheartedly and unapologetically me. I mean, you should hear her laugh and curse on her podcast. You should read her passionate posts about racism in America (among other subjects).

You can tell that she writes whatever she wants about whichever topic she wants and that she is not afraid to lose anyone who follows her.

And as someone who struggles not to be a people pleaser, that's definitely the thing that inspires me most about Rachel Rodgers.

So, Rachel,

Thank you for inspiring me to dare to dream big.

Thank you for being the living example that there is a way women can have it all.

Thank you for being so transparent about your journey to wealth.

Thank you for making it your life mission to empower women.

And thank you for inspiring me to be unapologetic about who I am.

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