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3 key ingredients that make an addictive podcast

I am an unconditional lover of podcasts. I discovered the format just a year ago and I can't get enough of them.

They are the perfect addition to my late night cooking or cleaning sessions. Judge me all you want about that, it's where I get my most creative insights.

I am curious and open to new podcasts but if a podcast has at least one of the 3 ingredients below... your girl will be hooked.

So, for me, an addictive podcast...

... Teaches me something

Whether it's pure knowledge or actual tricks and bits I can apply in my day-to-day life to make it better.

The perfect example of that is "The Life Coach School Podcast", by Brooke Castillo. It was a godsend for someone like me who spends a faire amount of time in her own head. She helped me use that time for something else than over-analyzing everything and second guessing my own decisions.

I may not agree with her on everything but she. is. good !

And I also love the fact that she uses cognitive and behavioral psychology to explain why we adopt certain behaviors.

... Makes me laugh or smile

If I burst out laughing or smile a lot while listening to a podcast, I will for sure be back for more.

One of my go-to podcast for that are Trevor Noah's "The Daily Show - Ears edition". The subjects may not be fun (I mean it's the news...) but it's also Trevor Noah, so the laughter is kinda guaranteed.

Another one is Rachel Rodgers's "Hello Seven Podcast". I swear I sometimes tune in just to hear her amazing laughter and humor. And of course, I'm rewarded with so much more than that.

... Has a recognizable and distinctive ambiance

It can boil down to the host's voice, the music, the general energy I feel from listening to it... It's hard to describe. But you can easily understand what I mean by tuning in to Ev'yan Whitney's "The Sexually Liberated Woman". She has the sexyest voice ever. I could listen to for hours. Plus, she exudes authenticity and honesty.

And I love how she makes it sound natural and effortless to talk about sex.

Can't wait to read about the ingredients that get you hooked to a podcast !

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